Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have been inspired lately to finally use some of the old tools that I have been collecting.  My original idea (and one I still want to explore more) was to use them in the spines of books.  Now with my interest in apoxy clay sculpting, I decided to try to make cherubs out of some of them.

My first effort was a monochromatic design that consists of a ceramic doll head, an old chisel, an old curling iron, and some plastic leaves.  I call it Cherub #1:  Everlasting Leaf. 

My wife and Mom all like this one the best because (I believe) it is the most decorative.  But...decorative is not for me.

So, my next three efforts are more in the found object assemblage feel wherein I am most comfortable.  Cherub #2:  Watch Over Me consists of  an old soldering iron, a figurine's head, doll arms, plastic wings, watch parts and a sculpted body. 

This cherub consists of a ice pick, doll head, doll arms, wings a watch part and apoxy clay. It is called Cherub #3:  Surrender. 

The last little guy is really most in the thematic fold.  Of course, it is also the one that is the creepiest.  I am a pretty funny guy and I am constantly asked why I keep making these dark sculptures.  The answer is simple:  if I wanted to work for Hallmark, I would.  The dark side is much more interesting and creates art that is better.

Cherub #4:  Fork Flight consists of a doll's head, arms and shoes, a hummingbird, wings and a barbecue fork. 

Don't tell the others but I like this one the best. 

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