Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Judging

Once again, into the fray.  For the fifth year straight I entered the Wisconsin State Fair's Photography Judging.  Photographers are limited to 35 entries out of a field of about 120 categories.  1st thru 4th place ribbons are awarded and all the photos are displayed at the Fair during the run in August.

Here is how I fared:
1st Place, Class 1102:  Botanical, Trees, Shrubs--Black and White--Highway 70, Utah

1st Place, Class 1032:  Crazy and Cool, Just Plain Strange--My Reflection-a Self-Portrait Using a Mirror Outside the Louisville Children's Museum, Louisville, Kentucky

1st Place, Class 1061:  Portrait, Head Shot Only--Mom

1st Place, Class 1075:  Transportation, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Bicycle--Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

2nd Place, Class 1039:  Farm Building--On a Cloudy Day, Amarillo, Texas

2nd Place, Class 1073:  Sports, No Action--Time Out, Boy's State High School Basketball Championships, Madison, WI

3rd Place, Class 1016:  Antiques--Antique Ford Truck Hood, Route 66

3rd Place, Class 1063:  Sand--The Beach at Santa Monica Pier, California

4th Place, Class 1078:  Transportation, Trains, Rail--A. T. & S. F., Kingman, Arizona

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