Sunday, May 4, 2014

Michael deMeng Workshop Junkie Challenge for March, 2014: Lunacy

Assemblage artist Michael deMeng, on his deMeng Workshop Junkies Facebook page issued this challenge to all of us in March:

"So as many of you know I run monthly challenges on the Art Abandonment group. I thought to myself 'why shouldn't the deMeng Workshop Junkies earn their keep too'. So your task if you choose to take it:
MARCH MADNESS: Create something that addresses the word 'LUNACY.'
-Do this in any medium you please (painting, sculpture etc). 
-Could be playful, could be serious, interpret the concept as you wish. 
Let's see what you come up with. 

I decided, after doing a little dictionary research, to use this definition of the Latin root word for Lunacy:

lūnāticus m (feminine lūnātica, neuter lūnāticum); first/second declension
Of, or living on, the moon

I was also taking a class in March using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I fell in love with the Emperor's Silk red so I decided to use it on a baby doll.  Because he is an alien of some moonish type, I added a head clamp that includes his single eye and a breathing apparatus out of his mouth and into a device on his chest.

The search for an appropriate box was easy considering I have about 100 boxes in my basement.  The one I picked is actually an old metal drawer with a pull handle.  To that I added some barn nails.  On the top of the drawer I added a metal stove diffuser that represents the moon on which this little guy lives.

The background is dap painted with acrylic paint.

Because some day he may come visit the Earth, I decided he needed his own vehicle.

So sixty days after the challenge, I finally finish Lunaticus.

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