Sunday, October 22, 2017

As Light as the Rain Seems, It Still Rains Down on You

As Light as the Rain Seems, It Still Rains Down on You

On a road trip through Iowa buying stuff, I came across an ironing board sitting along side the road of a stall that immediately made me think it would be a canvas.  It was standing in ready-to-iron position but from the beginning I knew I wanted to hang it on the wall.  Priced at $12, I bargained my way into this project for $10.

I was taught this collage technique by Andrea Matus deMeng, a wonderful teacher of color, layout and style.  I have fallen in love with collage on objects as it combines my interest with found objects and my inability to draw or paint figurative--collage allows me a door into that room.

Andrea teaches how important it is to audition the collage, rehearsing the final project before doing any gluing.  I think this will work!

The gluing begins.  The hardest thing is to commit.  The next hardest thing is to remember how to put it all back together after you take it all off the rehearsal stage.

Here is the parts all permanently attached.

I decided that I would do my favorite technique for framing the art:  a halo of nails.  On the top of the work I needed something and went for a sun-like piece of metal that reflects that idea.

Denice had taken a trip to New Zealand a few years ago and brought me back this necklace to use in a work.  I think it works well here.

From my stash, I found these leather goggles that I think make the face pop.

And so we have "As Light As the Rain Seems, It Still Rains Down On You," a line from the poem Citizen by Claudia Rankin.

I submitted this piece to the Anderson Art Museum (Kenosha, WI) Annual Winter Juried Exhibition with selections and awards curated by Lance Raichert.   The good news is I received this message:  "Congratulations, your work was JURIED IN and you are an award winner. "

The opening reception for the Winter Exhibition is on November 12th from 1:30 to 4 PM at the Anderson Arts Center, 6603 – 3rd Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53143.  The exhibition runs November 12, 2017 to January 7, 2018.

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