Wednesday, August 29, 2018

2018 shake rag alley with Leighanna Light

I was off to Mineral Point, WI, to attend two workshops at Shake Rag Alley taught by Leighanna Light from Taos, New Mexico.

My work space in the Lind Pavilion

My art buddies Lynn, Sue and Karen

The first class was called Surface Design On Metal and Paper…For Bookmaking and Beyond. This was a two day workshop. We used watercolor paper and gesso to create pages for our handmade book.

We also worked on metal to create art for our covers. The process involves leaves, metal and patina.

On day two, we began the assembling of the books.

Here is what the book, now called An Enormous Amount of Emotion From Just That Basic Fact of Existence, looks like at home:

On the third day, Leighanna Light taught an assemblage class called Guardians of the Discarded.  With found objects we were to build a totem to a new god of our choice.  Leighanna started us all out with a wood base and a garden stick.  Our first task was to texture the base of our Guardian.

Here are the results from our class work.

Here is what my Guardian, now called Having Forgotten the Sea Between That Keeps Us Separate, looks like at home:


  1. LOL - knew that yours would look like no one else's!!
    Thanks for sharing - must have been fun workshops - love your book. I just took their welding wild yard art class - it was wild!