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2018 Oaxaca, Mexico, with Michael deMeng, Day Ten and Eleven

Dream Monsters and Alebrijes: deMeng de Los Muertos

October 23rd to November 5th, 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Having not been well the night before, I got up late but felt a little better. I decided to skip the trip to Monte Alban which was an extra today.

After breakfast, I decided to walk to the Church of Santo Tomas Xochimilco once again to try to find the flowers of Dia. While some are out, the power of the place is yet to come.

For lunch I went over to the Conzatti Hotel for its great soup, still taking it a bit easy.

Then it was time to do a Oaxaca walkabout.

One place I visited was the Templo de la Compania.

On the zocolo I sat for awhile and listened to this very talented guitarist and his band.

Now it was time to meet up with the gang and head back into the historic district for our goodbye dinner.

Our goodbye dinner was at the TR3S Bistro.

It is always a great thing for all of us to get together and remember that we are here for each other as much as the art.

Friday, November 2, 2108

After breakfast I went to the Church of Santo Tomas Xochimilco and finally saw the flowers I knew would show up for Dia de los Muertos.

This may be one of the saddest things I have ever come across in a cemetery 

After the cemetery, I spent some time in the square in front of the church.

The church's doors were open and I took advantage of it.

(For the last day or two you have been looking at pictures that were pulled off of my camera cards after the transfer failed after this trip. Unfortunately, the photos from the critique were not able to be recovered).

The part of any Michael deMeng workshop that everyone looks forward to is the critique. Here are the names for our pieces that Michael came up with after watching us build our alebrijes. 

Lilliputian Octo-bedazzler: Gala
Transmogrifying Doom Dealer: Marcia
Pandemic Punksters: Carol
Bouldering Basilisk: Greg
Exo-skeletal Clomp and Stomper: Karen Chatfield
Bluey Hued Tenta-gal: Diana
Round Headed Spurge Flapper: Lois
Flamingo Hooded Blueberry Beastie: Joanne
Chartreusian Spitting Gobbler: Debbie
Versi-colored Skittering Sneeg: Kelly
Tendril-headed Tusk Wobbler: Heather
Sooth Saying Tomb Watcher: Tina Berrier
Garish Grimalkin: Tina
Two Faced Taunter: Monique
Petal Pushing Fancy Dancer: Monique
Tall Tailed Hornskuller: Karen
3 Eyed Absurdygurderpus: Robyn
Chimping Flitter Flyer: Kristy
Belly Spinning Cony on Acid: Sue
Many Legged Smiler: Marilyn

Mood-swinging Creepster Gary

Patronizing Goon Glider -Gary

If you cannot live without seeing the critique in its entirety feel free to hit this link to the Facebook simulcast of the entire thing:

(Also missing from the card transfer and rescue are the following photos):

After the critique I jumped into a cab with Monique and Diana to head out to Ocotlan to visit the Aguilar family of potters. We then went to San Martin to the restaurant of Jacobo and Maria Angeles, the alebrijes makers. 

Tonight we visited the San Felipe del Agua municipal cemetery in the evening to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

Outside the cemetery, it is almost like a carnival with food and rides.

After the Dia celebration, I went and had dinner at El Fogoncito with KD, Robin and Sue. It was a rainy night so I went back to our hotel and went to bed early. 

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