Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Michael deMeng Social Distancing Assemblage Challenge #1

Michael deMeng Social Distancing Assemblage Challenge #1

Found Object Flora

Michael deMeng posted "Kim Gabriel recently posted some her crazy found object flora (amazing). So it seem like an appropriate challenge for everyone, given that Spring has sprung (hey you could even use springs). So make something that grows from the earth...that doesn't actually grow from the earth. Here's one that I made...this is from a tripod."

Image may contain: plant

So I got to work by heading down into the basement stash of assemblage crap to find what I thought I would need to get started. 

Here are the results of the assemblage portion of the work. 

Cocktail forks, nails and a piece of jewelry made the bloom

I had to decide how to attach the base of the plant to the "ground" and I selected what is essentially papier mache. 


So thus we have...Tulipa Furca Vos. 

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