Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Rent in the Region of the Heart

This project began with the desire to use a mink stretcher as the substrate for a collage.

A mink stretcher (and there are stretchers for other fur bearing animals) is the last step in preparing a fur bearing animal for the fur market. The basis premise is that at this time in the preparation process the fur needs to be dried in a shape that does not shrink. 

For me, the stretchers have almost a religious or shrine like quality to them because of the shape. I have recently purchased a number of these used (used stretchers went 2 for $5 at the last flea market I bought them) but they can be purchased new if needed.

My first layer in the process was to collage the board with black and white paper. Then I chose to paint the collage board with three colors. Next, I collage on the images selected. More painting later and the piece was done.

Top: 2" wide

Bottom: 4" wide

Thus we have, A Rent in the Region of the Heart. The title comes from a poem by Andre Breton called The Writings Move Away. It is 32" tall.