Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Slowly I Dance Out of the Burning House of My Head

On July 9th I participated in a Zoom session put together by ArtSpan and artist Dianne Hoffman from San Francisco. By signing up in advance, participants got mailed a box of crap and are challenged to make something from the stuff.

Just before the zoom session, I laid out all the goodies in the box that I received. I made the decision to use a cradled board as the substrate for the work and that is the only additional object in this construction that did not come from ArtSpan.

During the two hours on line, pretty much all I got done was to cover the box in preparation for the construction. I also auditioned the parts so that I pretty much knew what I was going to make. The paper and paint that I added to this project were not a part of the ArtSpan mailing.

After a good night's sleep, I spent a day assembling, collaging and painting and here are the results.  

Thus we have Slowly I Dance Out of the Burning House of My Head. The title for this piece comes from a poem called The Dance by Mark Strand. 

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