Saturday, December 4, 2021

2021 09 Go West Old Man (Part Four--Dude! You Can Lead a Horse to Wax!)

Tuesday, September 14

Better not come to this dude ranch to photograph horses unless you want to get it at sunrise every day. Today the plan was to get up early enough to meet at 6:30 a.m. to walk up onto Chocolate Drop. Today, rather than have the horses come to us, we are going to them. 

These photos were taken as the sun was rising so it was a challenge

Somewhere out in the darkness the wranglers are beginning to gather the herd. 

As the sun appeared more and more, the horses began to drift towards us on their own.

While the horses are waiting to run the gauntlet back to the corral, some of them are calm enough to be models for us

When the wranglers arrive with a group, it is a little unnerving to stand in the way and we are advised not to stand on any of the well-worn paths


Wrangler trails the herd with a watchful eye for slackers

When the herd is ready, they are driven over the edge of the field into the drop over the stream and to the gate outside the ranch.

Everyone does not always play nice

The wranglers bring up the rear for a reason (check out the white horse to the right trying to do something off trail). This herd is heading over the stream, to a gate, which once open will let them run past the fences where we have stood the last two days to take their photos.

After we walk over the same trail the horses took, we head up to the corral for more close-ups. Before I visit the horses, I find a few things that attracted my lens. 

After breakfast, we head over to the barn for a group morning ride. While we are waiting for everyone, there is time to shoot the horses still in the corral. 

I finally got a good photo of me horse, Carlton, being saddled just for me. 

We ride out as a group from the ranch for a site called Indian Rocks.

The view from Indian Rocks

Our guide was nice enough to act as a model for our photo shoot. 

I took a whole bunch of photos of Kelley's Mom horsing around with Carlton,
until we were told to mount up and I realized this is not my horse

After lunch time we had a free period to work our magic in the art room. When class restarted around 3:00 p.m., we worked on using tissue paper photo transfers.

On Tuesdays, the staff practices their roping skills in the cow corral and we were invited to turn it into a photo shoot. 

After dinner, we were back in the studio for the evening to work on tiling multiple tissue paper images together. 

When class was over, I went back to my cabin and worked on a collage in honor of all the flies we have been dealing with in the studio.

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