Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Dream Of Light Would Continue With Me


One of the advantages of taking on-line courses with Michael deMeng is that once enrolled you have permission to download all the course instruction and save it in your computer. That means, if the mood takes you, one can re-take the class any time you want.

I decided this spring to re-take the Orna-deMentia: Rise of the Burn-Outs class, originally release as a Christmas class for 2014. I decided to apply the principles of the class to an assemblage project, ignoring the Holiday aspect. 

I decided to start with a cool old box, probably from a hardware or workshop collection, and create a shrine.

The main part of the deMeng class is creating a scene within the bulb, sort of like a ship in a bottle.

By the time the shrine was done and I knew what my theme was going to be, so I made a book to fill the bottom of the shrine trying to make it look like waves on a beach. The book is made from my own hand made paper (fern and abaca) with a Japanese stab binding.

Thus we have The Dream of Light Would Continue With Me. The piece is 11"H X 7"W X 5"D. The title of the piece come from a poem by Mark Strand called Seven Days.

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