Monday, December 19, 2022

2022 12 Toolin' Samples

 In June of 2023 I will be teaching an assemblage class at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI. The ability to register for the class starts on January 4th at the Shake Rag website. 

Here is the course description: "What is assemblage? According to the Encarta Dictionary: Assemblage (is) a work of art made from a collection of different objects. Have you ever wanted to do assemblage but feel like you do not have enough stuff? That has never been a problem for Gary. He has been collecting tools for 15 years in order to add them to his art and he has way too many in his basement. So Gary is offering an assemblage workshop where ALL THE TOOLS YOU COULD WANT TO SEE are going to be provided. Gary will be teaching the basics of assemblage construction plus mixed media techniques so that you will be able to create a work of art from a tool that will become your core central object. You will be able to select found object tools for your projects from Gary’s stash and then learn how to build an assemblage. Attach objects together and decorate them into a unified work of art with the goal of creating an assemblage work made from found objects that tells a story. The three days should allow for more than one project to be started if not completed. Throughout the class there will be time built in to share ideas, review our work and learn from fellow participants. 

3 days, free crap, cool works of art and lots of fun—what more are you looking for?"

I made two samples to explain some of the ways a "tool" assemblage class could go. 

My Picture Drowned In A Transparent Tear

Tell Every Dream That Knocks To Go Away

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