Wednesday, March 15, 2023

He Reached The First Of Many Outer Edges To The Sea He Sought

This project came about as a result of taking the Michael deMeng on line workshop, Peculiar Portraits of Improbable People. Because the piece really starts with a portrait, I selected this photo from my collection of cabinet cards. 

The unusual shape of the photo made me select the antique bread board (serving tray) from my stash. Ultimately, although I liked this, I felt it needed more so I went for the 20"H X 10"W cradled board. 

I decided although I liked the mixed media work, I wanted more dimension to the substrate so I added the corrugated cardboard.

At this point I was pretty sure this piece was drifting towards a water piece. I selected this burner to be the topper so that I could create the sky above the sea.

This old drawer handle was ship like while the strap remnant made me think of an anchor. I added the hook and the skull to give an almost pirate-like atmosphere to the work.

I found a couple of plastic sails off a Pirates of the Caribbean toy ship that I could mix media into something interesting.

I worked on the collage of the cabinet card but I think the addition of the compass really made it thematically pretty cool. 

Thus we have He Reached The First Of Many Outer Edges To The Sea He Sought. It is 28"H X 12"W X 2"D and consists of 

20"H X 10"W Cradled Board
Corrugated Cardboard
Bread Board
Wood Drawer Handle
Belt Buckle
Skull Bead
Pirates of the Caribbean Toy Sails (2)
Spice Jar Lid
Military Patch
Metal Details (4)
Nails (26)

The title for this piece came from a poem by Mark Strand.

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