Friday, June 2, 2023

2023 06 I Do Not Pin the Least Butterfly Of Life On Importance

This piece began as a result of taking the online class Construct: Plaster and Paint with Crystal Marie. One of the lessons was to construct a substrate out of multiple layers of corrugated cardboard. 

I did not have any corrugated cardboard so I decided to use foam core. I cut the biggest piece of foam core I had down to 20" x 9". I then glued the pieces together and clamped them to dry.

While they were drying, I auditioned some assemblage pieces for the main subject. When I saw this Monarch Whole Cloves Box at a recent flea market, I knew exactly what I was going to do with. Normally I am not this literal (or this pretty) with my concepts but I when where the art muses where taking me.

One of the lessons in Crystal's class was to use plaster casting material and I decided to use it as a design element on the horizons of this piece. 

While I liked the plaster cast a lot, I decided to use another element as a layer. I used a piece of my homemade rust dyed paper that had a tint of blue in it. 

Thus we have I Do Not Pin the Least Butterfly Of Life On Importance. The title of this piece comes from a poem by Andre Breton called Spectral Attitudes.

It is 20"H X 9"W X 4"D. It consists of a Monarch Whole Cloves Box, Cherub Head, Metal Butterfly Wings, Lock, Clock Face, Grandfather Clock Pendulum, Metal Corners (4), Nails (12), Plaster Cast Cloth, Foam Core, Rust Paper and Paint.

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