Sunday, July 2, 2023

2023 07 Bare Ruin'd Choirs, Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang

This was an interesting piece for me. I found the slaw cutter and knew I could trust it to make a good piece of art. All along I knew I would create a collage that would go in the window created when the slaw cutter blade was lifted above the grater.

My goal was to not manipulate the object too much, but that kind of went out the window. I guess at the end, I can not trust myself. I still want to do this with another object but this one ended up in a pretty satisfying work of art once I got done modifying everything.

All of the work below was done at Shake Rag Alley at night after working on my projects for Andrea Matus deMeng's Explorations of the Wandering Mind class.

Once I got home, I worked more on the piece until it was done. 

Thus we have Bare Ruin'd Choirs, Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang. The quote is from Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare. The piece is 24"H X 11"W X 3"D. It consists of a 22"H X 10"W Cradled Board, Slaw Cutter, Wood Disc, Drawer Knob, Jewelry (2), Nails (32). Plaster Cast, Paper and Paint.

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