Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Speed Decayer

Determined to work small, I decided to launch into a project with the overall goal of not growing this object into something I cannot fit in my basement.  OK, I'll admit it--that is where I store all my stuff.

After a trip to the basement for parts, I decided these would be the base elements for the piece.

The first two steps involve evolving the trike and the doll body into something else. 
The trike needs a steering wheel for my purposes, so I found this plastic piece which I assume is an artificial flower frog.

And, because this is me--off with the baby head! I found this possum skull that seemed the right size so on it went. 

Both of these items were attached with Aves Apoxie Clay.  Because I am working at home and do not have workshop anxiety, it afforded me the opportunity to let the attachments dry for 24 hours.  This makes a big difference as I will admit, that on  previous occasions, in my haste things have flopped off because it does take a good cycle to have the clay really set.  Painting after a few hours OK; twisting and bending not OK. 

Once a day had gone by it was time to see how the piece would look assembled.  I decided that the piece needed another caster on the back to help with the look.  Eventually I will also add an extension on the front that includes a hand and an eyeball.  But what I really thought would unify the whole effort was to add something akin to a dinosaur's spin to run from head, across the back and out to form a tail.  So I reached for the Aves Apoxie Clay again. 

The next step for me on this piece was to unify everything with color so I started with a little caulk on the whole piece and then a coat of Titanium White.

One more last minute addition:  a big old floppy tongue made out of Aves Apoxie Clay.  Then I painted this little guy up.  Here is the final product:

So, after 5 hours and $15 worth of junk, I had Speed Decayer.  The last picture is how you will see him if he ever passes you on the highway going realllllllllllllll fassssssssst. 


  1. That is so cool. I Love getting to see your process Gary... just amazing how you get from point A to point B ;)

  2. fantastic! Love seeing how you got there, as Patricia said. :) - J.

  3. Fabulous.....great to see the processes involved.

  4. I shared it on my FB timeline. Love the process and thank you for sharing it from start to finish! Awesome!!!

  5. I absolutely love the cock of his head and just the positioning of the whole piece -- very action packed. Well done, well done.

  6. That is awesome work. The tongue and tail are genius.

    The flower frog is a shampoo brush. You use it on your scalp when you have shampoo on your hair. Feels like a scalp massage. It looks like the perfect wheel for Speed Decayer.

  7. Thanks, Leslie. Being bald I never use shampoo on my scalp so that is probably why I had no idea this even exists.

  8. Gonna be searching the bush for some possum heads now, maybe peel one off the side of the road (OK maybe a bit too gross). This is one fantastic piece of work, I just love it. Well done YOU!