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de Meng de Los Muertos Dia Ocho

Friday, October 31, 2014

After breakfast at 7:00 a.m. I decided today I was going to walk up the hill to the graveyard outside San Tomas Xochimilcho church.

The route begins with a walk up the Pan American Highway to a street that leads straight to the gate of the cemetery.  In 2012, I did not know this way to get to the cemetery.  The bonus was that along the way there was some cool wall art.

The cemetery is a really special place for me.  I visited it in 2012 on my first trip here and knew that getting back was going to be a priority for me.  I was not disappointed.

On the way home from the cemetery, I walked down the alley that I took to the cemetery in 2012.

To my great surprise I stumble on this truck parked in the alley that leads to the Pan American Highway.  Now, why would this truck be so special to me?

Check out the two photos below.  



How weird is that?

I was back to the hotel by 10:00 a.m. as class begins again.  I am down to fine tuning the paint job on my piece.  I have been working on a background companion piece to go behind the box.

Our break for lunch today was at Marie Bonitas where we celebrated Robin's birthday.

On the way back to the workshop, we saw this ofrenda.  In the workshop, I finished my project.

Everyone scattered this afternoon so I went back to Maria Bonita for a solo meal.  Then I decided to go for a little walkabout.

Tonight the whole gang is going to the Dia de Los Muertos celebration at the San Miguel City Cemetery.  We all take different cabs to get there which means a little down time at the gate so I can snap an odd picture or two until we all are together.

To prove that the Mexican celebration of death is different than the way we think of it, the cemetery is surrounded with a carnival.  

Michael de Meng has promised us a great time at this game so we all pitched in and took our shots.

Not sure who took this photograph but my eternal thanks.  

The City Cemetery is an amazing place anytime.  On this night, they add a candle to all the crypts in the cemetery.  The place is packed and there is even sideshow entertainment walking around inside the graveyard.

When I took my cab ride back to the zocala my cab mates took off for places unknown so I was on my own to do a little solo walkabout.

The celebration is really picking up and the streets are very crowded.  

After walking around all by myself for a good portion of the night, I heard this voice behind me say, "Hey, man, where is everybody?"  It was Michael and he had no idea where anyone was either.  The two of us took in the San Domingo church light show.

After that the two of us had lonely man's pizza on the way back to the hotel.  It was great to be able to sit one on one with Master, Oh My Master and just talk about stuff.  At the end of the night, we parted by waving good-bye to each other like besties.

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