Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest

Here is how I did at the 2015 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest.

1st Place--Animals, birds, raptors, hawks, eagles

1st Place--Military

1st Place--Transportation, planes, air flight, other not listed

1st Place--Black and White:  Street light

2nd Place--Fair related, Wisconsin State Fair

2nd Place--Autumn orange

2nd Place--Brick red

3rd Place--Sunny yellow

3rd Place--Road trip

4th Place--Trucks, vintage

These photos were submitted but did not place.

Action photo

Animals, farm

Animals, fish

Animals, horses

Botanical, fungi/mushrooms


Building/architectural – urban

Children, age 3-10



Fabric, patterns and textures

Instruments, musical

Landscapes with water

Portrait, head shot only


Seeds, seed pods


Signs, street, etc.

Transportation, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle

Transportation, ships, boats, watercraft



Passionate purple

Amusement park

Black and White:  Patterns and textures

The Wisconsin State Fair runs from Thursday, August 6th to Sunday, August 16th.  All 480 winning photographs are on display in the Horticulture, Craft and Culinary Pavilion,

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