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Strange Tales of Magic and Miracles: Michael de Meng in San Cristobal, Mexico, October-November, 2015: Day Three and Four

Strange Tales of Magic and Miracles:  Michael deMeng in San Cristobal, Mexico, October, 2016

Day Three, Sunday, October 25, 2015

Today we are off to Palenque, an ancient Mayan ruin to the east of San Cristobal.  Our guide is Raoul who proves to be intelligent, entertaining and eye candy for the ladies.  

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Taken by another nice tourist.

Misolha Waterfalls

Behind the waterfall

Taken by Raoul

Sunday night we stayed at the Hotel Maya Tulipanes in Palenque.

Day Four, Monday, October 26, 2015

Today is our day to explore the Mayan ruins at Palenque.  We walk from the highway through a rain forest to the ruins.

And then we get to the first of the ruins:  a Mayan house below the main area.

We finally reach the palatial main area of Palenque.

Under repair.

Mayan air conditioner.

Taken by Tara.

Palenque still has some of the art on the walls.

At this point on our journey all the participants are dragging and dropping out.  Raoul asks if anyone is willing to climb one more hill to find the latest uncovered area of Palenque.  I am the only taker.  In fact, judging from the picture above, I was the only one listening.

What we found at the top of the climb was freakin' amazing.

Check out the von Däniken alien guy.

When we caught back up with everyone at the bottom we got a lesson in textiles.

The intrepid but weary travelers prepare for the walk out. (Taken by the kindly textile salesman).

This was Palenque and it was more than worth the time it took to get there and back as well as the physical effort to walk the hills.  I loved it.  

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  1. really enjoyed your blog on palenque, Gary. your group were hearty intrepid explorers to make it through a rain forest and trek through the humidity to such a sacred site. thanks for sharing your travel. great pics as always. victoria marshall (sr. mole's partner)