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Strange Tales of Magic and Miracles: Michael de Meng in San Cristobal, Mexico, October-November, 2015: Day Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Strange Tales of Magic and Miracles:  Michael deMeng in San Cristobal, Mexico, October, 2016

Day Five, Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today is the first day of the in class portion of the Michael deMeng experience.  I like to get up early and go for a walk after breakfast at each remote location workshop and this was no exception.

My table partner for the workshop is Marilyn Werst.  (photographer unknown)

My workspace.
Please see the last entry in this series of blogs to see the progression of my project.  

Instructor Michael deMeng and Workshop Leader Colleen Darling

The Welcome Dinner where everything was on fire.

On the way home we went through the Zocalo where more music was in progress for the book fair.

Day Six, Wednesday, October 28, 2105

Today was a workshop day with no organized activities.  

Today we went to Taller Lenateros graphic art studio where they make paper and books.  

The stock for the pulp includes old books and newspapers...

which get turned into this paper pulp.

Cafe Bar Revoluci├│n's wall art

Day Seven, Thursday, October 29, 2105

The classroom alter for Dia de Los Muertos has an image of my Dad.

Today's excursion was to Na Bolom, the former home of archaeologist Frans Blom and the documentary photographer Gertrude Duby Blom, now a fine museum. 

This art, sold on the streets by the artist seen below, was remarkable and many of the students bought a piece. 

Day Eight, Friday, October 30, 2105

It is Friday morning and time for another walkabout San Cristobal.

Iglesia de Mexicanos

Yes, those are the steps leading up to Iglesia de San Cristobal which I am about to climb!

What goes up must go down.

Temple de Santa Lucia

The next thing up on Friday was the critique for the class project. 

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  1. A great tour via your awesome pix! Thx Gary (Roger Ganas)