Monday, January 15, 2018

Teatro Diabolico: 2017 in Oaxaca, Mexico with Michael deMeng: Dia Ocho

Monday, October 30th

Today the workshop is beginning to feel the burn as tomorrow is the end of class and the critique.  Here are the figures I have been working on, now painted.

Our offreda is now completed for Dia

Lunch today is at the place we referred to a the blue restaurant, Tierradel Sol Casa Restaurante.  It has only been open for four months but it is definitely a place I can recommend.  Why not when you get a white napkin placed in your lap.  Today I had chicken soup and bistek steak.

How about hand-made Guacamole, made at the table

Marilyn and I decided to walk to the Soledad church where there are supposed to be sand paintings (which we did not find).  What we did find was ice cream (Marilyn's treat) and a public concert of classical music.  When we were walking back to the zocalo we ran into Kathleen and Bea who talked us into going back to the Soledad for the nightly art projection on the front of the church.

After the projection we ran into the whole gang who were also coming to see the art.  Marilyn, Bea, Kathleen, Lois and I walked to the zocalo and walked the market.  After those guys left, I wandered for two hours by myself.

Just another night of music and dance in the zocalo

 The ladies, who had their faces painted for Dia, agreed to pose for me

I stopped into the Biblioteca Publica Central (the downtown public library) for their wonderful display of ofrendas.

Your costume is much cooler if your Mom is not arranging your seam line

This guy has been playing on the acala all three years I have come.  I keep trying to get the perfect picture of him.

This is the last ofrenda of the evening before heading to the hotel and bed.  

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