Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Teatro Diabolico: 2017 in Oaxaca, Mexico with Michael deMeng: Dia Nueve, part duo--the critique and the night life

Tuesday, October 31st
Part Two

Now, it is time for the famous Michael deMeng critique.  For all of us, this is the highlight of the workshop and it is fun, fun, fun.  (Hey, gang, might need some help here identifying every one's work)

Driven to his knees by art

Robyn declaims

Robyn explains

This is my Teatro del Diablo

The winners of the drawing for the Michael deMeng Mask and Flat Michael.  
Michael is in the middle.

For this year's class photo, we decided to take a picture of one of the creatures from each of our Teatros.  Here is the 2017 Class Photo:

After we did the big clean up of the studio, we all walked down the acala to the zocalo.

I bought a piece of jewelry from this guy for Denice

Tonight I had dinner with Lois, Marilyn, Rebecca and Bonnie at La Catrina de Alcala.  I then went for a walkabout.

Those of the gang out and about in the zocalo met our rendezvous spot where I had dessert.  

At the restaurant, we are visited by all sorts of musicians and buskers.  

This young lady is the daughter of someone Michael and Colleen know.

 Tonight I learned one thing:  Bea the Devil.  No, seriously, Bea the Devil.

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