Friday, September 6, 2019

2019 Milwaukee Irish Fest, Day Four

2019 Milwaukee Irish Fest, Day Four

Today is the last day of the 2019 festival. On the skirting crew, we have to cover the entire grounds from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. when the festival grounds opens after the morning mass. We are moving and cover everything as we are supposed to but it is only because all hands are on deck today.

Once the gates open today, I had the pleasure of seeing the winners from the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center Guitar Festival competition on the Coors Stage.

Fingerstyle--Michael McKinnon (Milwaukee)

Jazz--James Zitto (New York, New York)

Classical--Kasey Ellis (Chicago, IL)

and the winner in my book...

Rock--Millissa Henderson (Boston, MA)

As a photographer, I never know who I will see on the grounds. This attendee, in her costume, was more than willing to pose for me. 

It was back to the Irish Theater for me. 

So remember the photos of Millissa Henderson, winner of the rock competition above? Watching her performance from backstage were the boys from Moxie. After the performance, I was backstage and we were all praising Millissa for her performance when I turned to the keyboardist for Moxie and said, "You should hire this girl for your band!"

Moxie was the next act up and I was back from some wanderings to photograph them when who do they invite up on stage to play a song she learned in the intervening hour by watching one of the boy's cell phone--none other than my new guitar hero, Millissa Henderson.

One of the things that makes Moxie inexplicable

Day 4 means it is my last day to shoot We Banjo 3. It is Silly Sunday for the band and this year the theme is "Shorts."

The Huntertones

Performing with Boxing Banjo and another band to be named later 

The Milwaukee Irish Fest Choir

The Byrne Brothers


The Dance Contest winners

The Dance Contest loser but... gave him the chance to propose.

I think she said, "Yes."

Socks in the Frying Pan

This band is definitely the high lite for me when I come to Irish Fest in Milwaukee. 

Denice had this crazy dream in the spring to have We Banjo 3 come to her school, Milwaukee Parkside for the Arts. Darned if she didn't pull that off and she had a chance to reunite with the band and thank them once again. As David says, "Meet us after the show and hug a sweaty Irishman!"

Despite the high of the last We Banjo 3 concert, I still had work to do. Because of the absence of Elephant Sessions, Susan O'Neill got a shot at one of the big stages and she did not disappoint.

She had visitors as well:  Socks in the Frying Pan
Weird fact: these guys all went to the same high school

During this set I turned around and out in the audience Darren Roche from Moxie seemed to be enjoying himself.

Hermitage Green

It takes courage to be in the pit for a Gaelic Storm concert. The fan base is huge, odd things are flying around but the music is so engaging and fun that it is worth it all. 

Next up on this last day was a band I enjoy a lot and this was my first time to see them: Sock in the Frying Pan.


We Banjo 3

The finale of Irish Fest every year is a stage event called The Scattering. It is an all-troops on board  type of event and has a party atmosphere that still produces some pretty good music. It starts with a modern segment (this year hosted by We Banjo 3) and finishes with the singing of some traditional Irish songs led by the traditional musicians who have played the fest. 

Amongst the chaos, in the middle of the stage, hidden from the audience

As the last notes faded out at The Scattering, it is time to say goodnight to the 
2019 Milwaukee Irish Fest. 

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