Thursday, September 5, 2019

2019 Milwaukee Irish Fest, Day Three

2019 Milwaukee Irish Fest, Day Three

Today is the test of endurance day for me at Milwaukee's Irish Fest. I arrive on the grounds at 8:00 a.m. to cover tables. I will leave around midnight after completing my photography duties.

My first assignment of the day is special because it involves one of the chief volunteers I work for. The band consists of Amy Richter (bodhrán, percussion), Heather Lewin (fiddle, vocals), and Jeff Ksiazek (guitar, bouzouki, whistles). Jeff is the archivist at the Ward Irish Music Archives for whom the festival photographers shoot.

Next up is Aoife Scott, one of the most beautiful voices at Irish Fest.

The Gleasons were on the Leine's stage. 

I am afraid I like shooting photos at Irish Fest so much that some day this will be me,
with an obsolete camera in my hand.

The Irish Chef in the Kitchen

Hermitage Green

The Irish Fest parade

Susan O'Neill

Now it is time for my daily dose of We Banjo 3. 

The Huntertones

Maybe my favorite Enda shot

Dan White, Huntertones

Time for some traditional music from Sweeney, Evans & Doherty.

Not sure what this is but my job is to shoot the photographs, not make explanations. 

Perhaps they got married to see...Moxie.


 On the Aer Lingus stage, Connla.


Irish music from France by Doolin'.

This year We Banjo 3 hosted a show on the Leine's Stage called The Best of Irish Rock Hits. Most of the music was familiar to me (U2, Van Morrison) and some was not. Either way, it was a great sound from this mash-up of Irish Fest acts sharing their talents. 

Susan O'Neill

Shane Hennessy

Red Hot Chili Pipers

The High Kings


Perhaps the ones who stole the show--
The Whileaways

I finished the night with The Red Hot Chili Pipers.

Despite the hours and how physically tired I was after working the grounds and shooting, I had a great day in Day 3.

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