Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Door To the Cluttered House of Memory: Seth Apter ConcerTINa Workshop

 Seth Apter provided an online workshop during the Covid-19 that he called ConcerTINa based on a tin with a book inside. Here is my effort, called A Door To the Cluttered House of Memory, completed in October of 2020.

I started this project by selecting my "tin": a Homart Fuse Box. In order for the pages to fit, I needed to remove the guts which will not be used in this project but created a pile of cool parts for the future. 

Seth taught how to prepare the surface of the paper so that it will be ready for book making.

I sliced up the pages as needed to create a long book that could reach the floor once the fuse box would be hung on the wall. 

Seth also taught how to use his embossing powders on metal.

For the rest of the project, I constructed the container, collaged the pages and secured every thing together. Please note: each individual pages is shown at the end of this post. 

Thus we have...A Door To the Cluttered House of Memory. 

The title for this project comes from a line (A Door Knocker To the Cluttered House of Memory) in the poem Limen by Natasha Trethewey.

Here are the pages of the book I created for this project. The book is a two-sided accordion fold attached to the tin.