Monday, November 2, 2020

Not In This World To Be Liked: a Project Based on a Geoffrey Gorman Online Workshop Finding the Soul of Forgotten Materials

In October, 2020, I signed up for an online workshop with artist Geoffrey Gorman called Finding the Soul of Forgotten Materials.  The class was held on Zoom and was sponsored by Peters Valley School of Crafts.

Geoffrey Gorman

Here is the workshop description: "Experiment with innovative and intuitive ways of creating a variety of structures and forms using organic, found, and recycled materials. You are invited to think about shapes and forms that hold particular interest and bring these ideas to the workshop. Using unusual techniques to overcome construction challenges, everyone will explore a variety of forms created from your own favorite cast off materials. This class is perfect for beginners seeking an introduction to creating curious objects as well as intermediate and advanced participants wishing to reach the next level and break out of their comfort zone. You need to be familiar with using hand and power tools such as drills, band saws, and sanders."

The basic building blocks of the project is taxidermy foam. I got mine from Dick Blick. 

The foam is carved into the shape of the animal that is being built. Here is where I discovered carving foam to actually look like something is going to take some practice. After the carving, the foam is covered with fabric.

Next I collected the supplies for the construction including the box the would be the base.

Everything comes up smelling roses.

And, thus we have...Not In This World To Be Liked. My thanks to Geoffrey Gorman for teaching this form and the inspiration to create this piece. 

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