Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Over The Carnage Rose A Prophetic Voice

Here is my second effort from the online workshop with Michael deMeng called Zoo-Illogicals. The basic idea here is to combine a human form with an animal to create some new creature through assemblage vivisection. 

The Substrate

Sprayed outside, drying inside

Two toys provide the vivisection victims

Thus we have Over The Carnage Rose A Prophetic Voice. The title is from the poet Walt Whitman. This piece, as it evolved, became a protest on my part against all the evil people, throughout mankind's history, who propagandize us into things like war, racial strife, religious domination and general hatred. My hope is always that the next catchy phrase fails to lead us into the terrors we create.

This piece is 14" H X 10" W X 7" D. It consists of a Toy Fighter, Wrestler Doll, Dragon Head, 3 Metal Finds, and some Muslin.

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