Sunday, June 5, 2022

The Giant Who Had No Heart

 Here is how The Giant Who Had No Heart came about. It started with a gift from my friend Bill who gave me the remnants of a coo coo clock that he no longer wanted. 

The other big thing was a kid's sized sled I bought at an antique mall. My number one rule is that I always figure out how my pieces are going to hang before I go any further. 

This oil burner was a good inspiration for putting the piece together. 

As it turns out, the only part of the clock that made it into this piece was this. 

Now it was time to paint. 

I decided that I would use a mannequin hand to be the fulcrum on the oil burner. 

Pretty much every piece I add to an assemblage gets a makeover with paint. 

The easiest way to paint things that may not wish to be painted is to papier mache them. 

Thus we have The Giant Who Had No Heart, 2022. 36"H X 20"W X 10"D. Sled, Oil burner, Clock face, Wood round, Glass serving dish, Face charm, Lens, Wood trim (2), Plate, Jewel, Necklace, Metal finds (2).

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