Wednesday, June 29, 2022

2022 06 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Competition

 Once again I am into the fray that is the Wisconsin State Fair Photography Competition. Judging is open to the public and one of the most fun days of my year. 

Denice and I go out to breakfast with Lynn and Chris Prober and then we all troop over to the Hall of Champions on the State Fair grounds for a day of photography judging. Each category will have four ribbons and there are over 100 categories. Each photographer may only enter in 35 categories.

Here are the ribbons winners from my photos:

1st Place

1026. Chairs, benches

1st Place

1080. Wisconsin blizzard

3rd Place

1054. Portrait, head shot only

4th Place

1023. Building/architectural – urban

4th Place

1064. Seasonal, winter

Failed To Qualify

1002. Animals, baby

1006. Animals, cats, domestic

1008. Animals, farm

1010. Animals, insects, not butterflies or moths

1011. Animals, mammals

1015. Architecture

1016. Beach

1019. Botanical, fungi/mushrooms

1020. Botanical, trees, bark, shrubs

1022. Bubbles

1025. Cameras, as still life or in-use

1030. Cobblestones

1032. Daydreaming

1033. Doors

1039. Geometric shapes

1041. Grandma’s

1045. Landscapes with marsh

1047. Leaves

1050. Mugs & cups

1051. Night scenes

1056. Railroads

1066. Signs, street, etc.

1069. Transportation, air, land

1079. Windows

1085. Wisconsin sunset

1098. Rust

1099. Silver

1105. Lilac purple

1201. Cityscape

1202. Classic cars

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