Sunday, October 8, 2023

2023 10 The Blue Man of Minch

The piece that I began in the Cryptozoology: Shrines of Legends & Lore taught by Michael deMeng at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI, from September 7-10,  2023.

My cryptid was "the Scottish folklore, The Blue Men of the Minch. The blue men of the Minch, also known as storm kelpies (Scottish Gaelic: na fir ghorma Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [nə fiɾʲ ˈɣɔɾɔmə]), are mythological creatures inhabiting the stretch of water between the northern Outer Hebrides and mainland Scotland, looking for sailors to drown and stricken boats to sink." (from Wikipedia).

It always helps me if I work through my projects at home. 

The Big Frame Up

Auditioning items for the assemblage at home

Once I got to Shake Rag Alley for the class it was four days of work to try and get this piece together and painted. 

Folk art boat found at a resale shop

A frayed canvas is added to the substrate





A half of a wine rack makes waves

The piece when the Shake Rag Alley workshop came to an end

Work Done At Home

A diver got set in resin in this ash tray

Added these at home when I realize a cryptid that pulls ships under needs arms

Thus we have The Blue Man of Minch. He is 49"H X 25"W X 9"D. He consists of Plywood, Frame, Wine Rack, Chris Westrud Hand Made Boat, Muskrat Skull, Nails (15), Metal Finding, Medallion, Child Mannequin, Plastic Skeleton Skull, Star Finder, Ash Tray, Toy Diver , Resin and Paint.

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