Sunday, October 8, 2023

2023 10 To Cheer A Heart In Flight From Truth

This assemblage began its life in the class Off-the-Wall Spontaneous Construction taught by Beth Hobby from September 29th to October 1, 2023.

Beth brought a ton of stuff to the class and my goal here was to use just her stuff and to build a piece in her style. It began with this faux clock she had as a give away.

One of the suggested mediums to use from Beth was Amber Shellac, a product I had use before with the additional technique of lighting it on fire while it was still wet. After I did this, painting on this assemblage became open season.

This is as far as the piece got in Mineral Point. I did work on it at home and here is the final project.

I decided to paint additional color onto the dyed rust paper on the substrate

Thus we have To Cheer A Heart In Flight From Truth. The title comes from the poem Love Of A Lie by Charles Baudelaire. It is 17"H X 17"W X 9"D. It consists of a Hubley Diecast WW II Navy Fighter Jet Bomber with Open Cockpit, Wood Circle, Rust Dyed Paper, Faux Clock, Drawer Pull, Number, Belt Buckle, Clay Heart, Wood Blocks (2), Paper and Paint. 



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