Monday, February 26, 2024

2024 02 Through The Path Of Echoes That Memory Invents And Erases

Andrea Matus deMeng

In February of 2024, my wife Denice and I attended an ArtVentures workshop in Savannah, GE, produced by Katherine Engen. The workshop was titled Lucid Dreamscapes and was led by our instructor, Andrea Matus deMeng from British Columbia, Canada. 

Andrea's Class Sample

The base substrate of the project is an 8" x 10" cradled board

Background collage

The initial collage audition

Found objects are added

I attached the cradled board to the serving tray 

This is about as far as the project got in Savannah

The completed inner collage, with objects, and painted

The project with the first frame on the board

The second frame is attached over the first

Thus we have Through The Path Of Echoes That Memory Invents And Erases. The title comes from the poem A Draft Of Shadows by Octavio Paz. It is 22"H X 14"W X 5"D. It consists of a Wood Serving Tray, Cradled Board, Frames (2), Trivet, Wood Trim, Jewelry (3), Paper, Foam Core, and Paint.

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