Monday, March 11, 2024

2024 03 Each Person Has Their Own Secret Map

Andrea Matus deMeng

This is project number two developed in the ArtVentures workshop in Savannah, GE, produced by Katherine Engen. The workshop was titled Lucid Dreamscapes and was led by our instructor, Andrea Matus deMeng from British Columbia, Canada. You can find the results of project one at this blog:

Now I have been working on project two which was started in Savannah. 

This is as far as the project got in Savannah. When I got home I could just pick right up with the job of finishing the art. 

Paper mache goes on the frame

The cradled board gets painted

The two frames get attached

The interior lights get installed

Thus we have Each Person Has Their Own Secret Map. The title comes from a poem by Nina Mingya Powles called Failing City. It is 12"H X 10"W X 5"D. It consists of an 8x10 Cradled Board, Frames (2), Acrylic Transfer, Beads (2), Metal Corner, Lights, Paper and Paint.

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