Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Punk Fiction, Part Three: Prayer

Here is book three made after starting Michael deMeng's on-line workshop called Punk Fiction.  I love the way I am finding books that provide me with all the theme I need to get going on a project.  Today the word "prayer" jumps right off this cover and into my head.  

My original idea was to take a this decorative spoon (which unfortunately I did not take a photo of in its silver state), paint and adorn it, and then attach it right smack in the middle of the cover.  

BUT...I decided no.  I wanted a piece bigger and more sticky-outy so I went for this lamp base.  

It looked really good after painting it.


BUT...it looks even more sticky-outy with a baby doll hand in the middle of it.  

I decided to texture the book cover with Woodicing.  

I treated the back cover with a layer of acrylic and a page from an old German bible.  

As I went to paint up the front, it occurred to me that I have seen these colors before.  I doubled checked and yes, indeedy--I had seen this color before...

in Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night.  

So we have Prayer.  

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