Friday, February 21, 2014

Punk Fiction, Book Five: The Gold of Friendship

My wife Denice asked me to make a book for an art auction that they are going to have at the school where she teaches:  Milwaukee's Parkside School for the Arts.

Now, you are probably a bit ahead of me here but this always brings up the creepy factor.  I do not do pretty and a great deal of my art is not for grade school aged children unless they are a young Michael deMeng or Pugsley Addams.

Be true to yourself and trust the art.

I selected a rather small book with the title The Gold of Friendship which appeared to be one of those greeting cards store books by Hallmark until I screwed it shut to attached the plastic frame to the cover.

The doll arm became a good addition to the canvas.  Another great add-on was the very beginning snippet of a cloth tape measure.  My texture was Woodicing which is become a close favorite to DAP (which is still reigning as number one on the Texture-O-Meter).

Then it was time to take everything back to white before painting the whole thing up.

So now I will sit back and see if it meets Denice's expectation.  Then, I will sit back and see if anyone has the courage to bid on The Gold of Friendship.  

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