Monday, February 24, 2014

Punk Fiction, Book Six (The Cave of Pages): The Definitive Collection of Stories Traditions and Folklore

The second part of the Punk Fiction workshop led by Michael deMeng has begun.  Part two is called The Cave of Pages and deals with the interiors of the books after having spent the first part dealing with the exteriors.

As always, the first issue is to pick a book.  Because I wanted to make a "cave," I was drawn to this book because it had the obvious target in the cover.

With an Xacto, I spent a night carving into the text.  What I liked about this when it was done was that the colorful interior pages made a cave that did not need to be altered at all.  I fell in love with the bright colors.

Biakabutuka stopped by to help pick out a cabinet card for the bottom layer.  I decided a thin piece of mica would make a nice shield and that was added to the mix.  

And so we have, The Definitive Collection of Stories, Traditions and Folklore.  

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