Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Graceland Tour of the South: Day 11, 12 & 13: Louisville

Another of our vacation goals is about to be met.  We are in Louisville to be with our brother-in-law Robert Crocker.  Bob has invited us to his hometown to see the National Street Rod Association's annual gathering in Louisville.  But first, we need to see this city as it is our first visit.

Bob knows as an assemblage artist I like junk and that I watch American Pickers.  So he casually suggested we go into Louisville to the home of someone who appeared on American Pickers--collector Jerry Lotz.  Jerry appeared in a second season episode called The Emu Chase.  Ironically, I cannot remember is I saw this episode or not.  

Lucky for us Jerry was home and wanted to talk.  He told us that when Pickers came he had to be talked into selling something because he is not a dealer--he is a collector.  And what a unique indoor (seen through the windows) and outdoor (seen through the iron fence) collection he has.  

This letter is on the side of the railroad car Jerry has in his backyard.

Jerry even invited us to take a stroll down the block to see all the stuff he has stored at his sister's house.  When we left, Bob and I had a few smalls as souvenirs and Denice got a special lady's gift from the man.  I was very grateful he took the time to give us a tour.  

So, I have saved the best for last.  The National Street Rod Association annual meet in Louisville.  Jump to the next blog to see the day we had there.  

To view all the photos from this trip visit:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/gniebuhr/sets/72157649764414692

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