Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Graceland Tour of the South: Day 6 & 7: Memphis and Beale Street Again

On Saturday we had a whole day to explore Memphis.

Then it was on to another highlight:  Sun Studio.  Sun is the recording studio that Elvis was so desperate to get to record him. When they finally agreed the secretary asked him who he sounded like.  His answer:  "I don't sound like nobody."

This is the spot that Elvis stood on when he recorded That's Alright, Mama (his first release) so I had to stand there too.  

We could not get into the Gibson Factory (other than the lobby) to my great regret.  However, the alternative was the Rock 'n' Soul Museum.  Denice and I wander through museums by reading every information card so it took us forever but it was well worth every minute.

These are the horns of The Memphis Horns

Lunch was at Kooky Canucks which is some huge Canadian family restaurant that served bacon on everything...and had some interesting taxidermy.

We will admit to lounging around the Peabody Hotel in the afternoon so we could watch the Nationwide NASCAR race from the Brickyard in Indianapolis.  After dinner at a Thai restaurant, we were back in B. B. King's for more music by The Will Tucker Band.

Sunday was a day of rest while we watched the NASCAR Brickyard 400.  Then it was on to the Smokey Mountains for the next part of our journey.

To view all the photos from this trip visit:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/gniebuhr/sets/72157649764414692

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