Tuesday, August 9, 2022

2022 07 Washington State Day Eight

Friday, July 15, 2022

At the Old Consulate we get breakfast every morning. To say this is an elegant establishment would be an understatement and breakfast is perfect. Waitress served, it starts with a fruit combination, goes to fancy eggs on toast with sausage and finished with a “dessert.”

Today we have decided to travel to Sequim, just west of Port Townsend, for the Lavender Festival. Our first stop is Purple Haze Lavender Farm where we enjoyed the flowers and the ice cream. 

Next we headed over to Carrie Blake Park in the city for the Lavender Festival Art Fair. This was fun but not great as it had the typical mixture of craft and useful products that some of these “art” fairs offer. That being said, I did but a work of digital art by Patricia Jollimore which is very surreal and gorgeous. Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of this digital photograph but I also bought this coaster which is representative of her art style. 

We saw a sign for something called the Artjam so we headed over to the Rock Hollow Farm where a collective of artist had displays set up and there was live music again. At this festival Denice bought some jewelry while I spent quite a bit of time chatting up the artist before deciding to buy Geology 1, a mixed media piece, which was the art that drew me into her booth in the first place. Meanwhile, Denice was buying a ring from a jeweler who charged her twice than paid her off with a $100 bill. When my artist informed me she only could take cash or a check, I was trying to find a way to tell her I was not sure that was going to work when Denice walked up and handed me the $100 she got from the jeweler. With a little bit more cash, my deal was done and I am happy to report Geology 1 is headed back to Milwaukee.

The White Cup Expresso in Sequim has a 1957 Chevrolet replica crashing out of its building (my favorite car in my favorite color) so a stopped was required there.

Just west of Sequim is the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. We drove there so that we could walk the Dungeness Spit. We walked the spit as far as we could go but admit we could not walk the 5 miles necessary to get to the lighthouse.

The Spit

The Lighthouse (no, we did not walk the 5 miles to the lighthouse)

Tonight was my pick so I wanted Chinese from Dynasty Restaurant in Sequim. Afterwards we took the long way home but by 8:30 we were back to the Old Consulate Inn. Each night there have been deer grazing in the Court House lawn across from our home and tonight I got to take their photographs.

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