Thursday, August 4, 2022

2022 Washington State Day Five

 Monday, July 11, 2022

This morning we had the breakfast buffet at Creekside and then hit the road.

Just one quarter mile north of our place is the Kalaloch Campground and we went there to walk the Kalaloch Creek Nature Trail.

Next we hit the Beach Trail at the Campground

Right up the highway from the Campground is the Big Cedar Tree which proved to be a big cedar tree with a nice hiking trail around the area.

By now our old legs were worn out so we decided to go for a car ride. We took Highway 101 north to Hoh Mainline around to the entrance to Yahoo Lake. We drove five miles up a ten mile road before deciding it was made for loggers and not rental car drivers, so we turned back. We finished that loop by finding Hwy 101 at Queets and then returned to our cabin.

Without many options (but this one is pretty good) we headed back to Creekside for dinner tonight. After dinner and some card games, we walked out to watch the sunset. Man, the wind was blowin’. In fact, it was so cold we didn’t stay out there very long. 

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