Saturday, August 6, 2022

2022 Washington State Day Seven

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Today, after checking out of the Port Angeles Inn, we had breakfast at a delightful place called the Chestnut Cottage Restaurant. Then we began our day by driving west on Hwy. 101 to the Sol Duc region.

The Sol Duc River Road parallels the old growth forest along the river and is a beautiful drive. Parking at the head of the Sol Duc Falls Trail, we took the 2 mile hike to Sol Duc Waterfalls. 

Halfway to the actual falls we stop at the Mini-Me falls and thought we were done. 

Luckily Denice asked a passing ranger what the truth was and he told us we had to hike a bit farther to see the falls he said would be worth the hike.

After getting drinks and some ice cream at the Sol Duc Hot Springs (which turned out to be modern pools built around the hot springs), we drove back down the River Road to the Ancient Grove. This might be my first or second best hike on the trip (the other that still stands out is the Kalaloch Nature Trail).

Hot, tired and sore, the rest of the day was spent in the car driving to our evening destination, Port Townsend. We did return to Port Angeles to go to the Port Angeles Art Center--which proved to be closed as they were installing a new exhibition. However, they have a beautiful grounds with another hiking trail that has statuary hidden within. 

In Port Townsend we are staying at the Old Consulate Inn. The Inn has a rich history (or one about being rich and then not being rich). In 1889 Frank Hastings, a successful business man, began construction on a the home but it was sold to a Swede named Owen Olsen. Construction of the house was finally completed in 1907. To make ends meet, the couple took a number of boarders, including August Dudenhousen, the acting German vice-consul, from which the inn takes its name as the Old Consulate. It was never an embassy or recognized by any government but the name stuck. In the 1970s with the advent of Victorianism and bed and breakfast living, the old place got new life.

The third floor window to the left of the chimney is our room; the view is below

Continuing our lavish night time eating, tonight we went to Alchemy where we both ate Filet Mignon and went home to be happy and sassy.

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