Monday, October 17, 2022

2022 10 The Cathy Rose

by Cathy Rose

For years I have been going to New Orleans for Art Venture workshops hosted by Katherine Engen that have Michael deMeng as the teacher. Also for years I have been visiting the Lucky Rose Gallery in the French Quarter, the home for the art of Cathy Rose. Denice and I are pleased to have two Cathy Rose works hanging in our house. 

In 2020 we had a chance to have an event in Cathy's home studio where we got to see how she creates her art up close and personal. 

(While you can always find art by Cathy Rose on her website, if you are ever in New Orleans she has recently moved Lucky Rose Gallery to 8239 Oak Street in New Orleans.)

Kathy Rose at Shake Rag Alley, 2022

This year I had a chance to take a workshop in Mineral Point (WI) with Kate Church called Metamorphosis that finally gave me permission to use inspiration from Cathy Rose's wonderful work to inspire one of my own. Here is the link to the blog about that workshop. 

While in New Mexico for a Bill Scrips workshop in September, I discovered a cardboard boat that I knew was going to be the piece I was going to work on when I got to Kate's class. 

Thus we have, The Cathy Rose. The boat never got an opportunity to get our of port as it sold to a classmate at Make What Ya Brung when it was completed there. 

My thanks to Cathy Rose and Kate Church for helping me build The Cathy Rose. 

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