Tuesday, October 18, 2022

2022 10 Smitten At Heart By A Kiss With Lips That Time Bled And Trailed Wings

This year I had a chance to take a workshop in Mineral Point (WI) with Kate Church called Metamorphosis and this is the second completed figure I made in the class. This figure was the class project and based on a butterfly. Kate provided the idea, butterfly wing suggestions and the body.

We made our heads out of polymer clay in a mold. It was our job to modify the mold and make the character our own.

Because I have no sewing skills, I have decided to make my figures using plaster cast. I can then do whatever I want to the figure using my assemblage and mixed media skills. 

I decided, based on a suggestion from Kate, that I could collage the figure with fabric.

At Shake Rag, I felt like I had the figure pretty far along--maybe done. But I decided to take it with me to Make What Ya Brung in Mineral Point so that I could evaluate it and finish it. There it got some more fabric but was still missing something.

When I got it home I made one last addition: a heart in the hands.

Thus we have Smitten At Heart By A Kiss With Lips That Time Bled And Trailed Wings. The title comes from The Triumph Of Time, a poem by Swinburne. The work is 21"H X 5"W X 6"D. 

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