Saturday, June 13, 2020

Covid-45: It Is Good To Be Deaf in a Deafening Time

Be Warned: Beyond here lies Leftist, Socialist Propaganda 

I stopped at an estate sale on a property that had a garage/barn and nailed to the interior wall of the structure was this very cool old worn out school room map. Mounted on some old poster board, it had seen better days--just the appeal factor to attract my eye.

This stayed at my house for about a year until the Covid-19 hit and...well, you know.

So, in my anger and dismay, this piece of personal propaganda developed. 

Because of the weakness of the map, I had to build it a new frame

A coat of varnish helped to hold the map together

While maybe not the most well-executed collage I have ever made, it gets my point across and thus we have...

Covid-45: It Is Good To Be Deaf in a Deafening Time

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

2020 Wisconsin State Fair Photography Contest--Cancelled But I Don't Care

Normally this is the time of year that I would be anxiously preparing my photographs for the annual photography contest at the Wisconsin State Fair in August. However, the Fair is cancelled. are the photos I would have entered. Enjoy. 

Animals, babies

Animals, birds, game birds, waterfowl 

Animals, dogs

Animals, farm

Animals, insects, not butterflies or moths

Animals, mammals

Animals, zoo


Books, book shelves

Botanical, flowers close up, tropical flowers 

Building architectural – urban


Cultural Heritage

Chairs, benches




Famously Wisconsin

Heirlooms, antiques

Landscapes with cliffs, hills


Night scenes

Product displays


Rest and relaxation




Textiles, silk

Textiles, other

Transportation, air, land


Weather, fog, mist

Construction cone orange

Architecture, black and white