Wednesday, September 16, 2020

2020 Sculpture Milwaukee Walk About

This is at least the second year that Milwaukee has sponsored large sculptural installations in our downtown under the banner of Sculpture Milwaukee. Pieces below that are titled are the 2020 Sculpture Milwaukee pieces. Untitled pieces below are part of Milwaukee's art culture.  Join me on my walkabout downtown Milwaukee. 

Jokester, Paula Crown, 2018

Our theater's are suffering during the pandemic

Shoreline Repost, Paul Drueche, 2017

Blob Monster, Tony Tasset, 2009

Thomas J. Price, Within the Fold, 2020

Anna Fasshauer, Tallulah Rapsody, 2019

Jim's Head With Branches, Jim Dine, 2018

Cleft, Roxy Paine, 2018

Park Avenue Departure, Alex Katz, 2019

Gild the Lily, Carlos Rolon, 2019

Apollo/Poll, Narl Ward, 2017


Sunday, September 6, 2020

Deer Tracks

 If there is any advantage to being housebound during a pandemic (with my complete sympathy to those who have been affected by this terrible virus), it is that I have plenty of time to make art. It allows me to review online art workshops that I have taken before and my choice at this time was Michael deMeng's Distressed Disturbed Disintegrating Dollies

It all starts with a doll head.

I decided to collage in an old drawer to create the substrate for my doll head. 

I put the assemblage on the collage to see what things are going to look like moving forward. 

And so we have...Deer Tracks.