Monday, October 24, 2022

2022 10 Where Is the Burning Match That Will Set Me On Fire

I had a chance to teach a class at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI, this September called Gary's Flea Market (see this blog to learn more about that experience). While it was not my objective to construct something usable during the workshop, I did have to demo on something when I tried to show various techniques to the workshop.

Here is what I gathered when I demonstrated the audition process

Talking about foreground, middle ground and background concerns

The results of setting your substrate on fire

At the end of the workshop everyone set out their work at their spot

This is as far as this untitled workshop demo got in three days

Once I got home, it took a few weeks for me to get back to work on this one. Here are the results:

At home I added some wire fencing to the side of the box to represent the burnt forest. 

Thus we have Where Is the Burning Match That Will Set Me On Fire. 33"H X 13"W X 13"D. Wood Box, Cresent Metal Sprinkler, Metal Bear Head, Metal Lamp Stand, Wire Fencing, Metal Fire Truck, Metal, Alarm, Rust Dyed Cloth, Paper and Paint. The title comes from a poem called Heart by Rupi Kaur.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

2022 10 Smitten At Heart By A Kiss With Lips That Time Bled And Trailed Wings

This year I had a chance to take a workshop in Mineral Point (WI) with Kate Church called Metamorphosis and this is the second completed figure I made in the class. This figure was the class project and based on a butterfly. Kate provided the idea, butterfly wing suggestions and the body.

We made our heads out of polymer clay in a mold. It was our job to modify the mold and make the character our own.

Because I have no sewing skills, I have decided to make my figures using plaster cast. I can then do whatever I want to the figure using my assemblage and mixed media skills. 

I decided, based on a suggestion from Kate, that I could collage the figure with fabric.

At Shake Rag, I felt like I had the figure pretty far along--maybe done. But I decided to take it with me to Make What Ya Brung in Mineral Point so that I could evaluate it and finish it. There it got some more fabric but was still missing something.

When I got it home I made one last addition: a heart in the hands.

Thus we have Smitten At Heart By A Kiss With Lips That Time Bled And Trailed Wings. The title comes from The Triumph Of Time, a poem by Swinburne. The work is 21"H X 5"W X 6"D. 

Monday, October 17, 2022

2022 10 The Cathy Rose

by Cathy Rose

For years I have been going to New Orleans for Art Venture workshops hosted by Katherine Engen that have Michael deMeng as the teacher. Also for years I have been visiting the Lucky Rose Gallery in the French Quarter, the home for the art of Cathy Rose. Denice and I are pleased to have two Cathy Rose works hanging in our house. 

In 2020 we had a chance to have an event in Cathy's home studio where we got to see how she creates her art up close and personal. 

(While you can always find art by Cathy Rose on her website, if you are ever in New Orleans she has recently moved Lucky Rose Gallery to 8239 Oak Street in New Orleans.)

Kathy Rose at Shake Rag Alley, 2022

This year I had a chance to take a workshop in Mineral Point (WI) with Kate Church called Metamorphosis that finally gave me permission to use inspiration from Cathy Rose's wonderful work to inspire one of my own. Here is the link to the blog about that workshop. 

While in New Mexico for a Bill Scrips workshop in September, I discovered a cardboard boat that I knew was going to be the piece I was going to work on when I got to Kate's class. 

Thus we have, The Cathy Rose. The boat never got an opportunity to get our of port as it sold to a classmate at Make What Ya Brung when it was completed there. 

My thanks to Cathy Rose and Kate Church for helping me build The Cathy Rose. 

Monday, October 10, 2022

2022 08 Diapason: Grace White In Forest Shadow

This piece began its life during Shake Rag Alley (Mineral Point, WI) Art Adventure in August of 2022. This class was If the Shoe Fits with Lorraine Reynolds.


The class goodies

Here is the work by my fellow attendees:

My work began with an ironing board, a wooden shoe form and a bunch of goodies.

Because this was a one day class I did not get very far at Shake Rag. At home I got to do my painting and attaching before this appeared.

Thus we have Diapason: Grace White In Forest Shadow, 2022. 32"H X 11"W X 6"D. Ironing Board, Tin Candle Holder, Decorative Wood (3), Metal Round, Metal Face, Model Railroad Track, Wood Shoe Form, Organ Stop, Music Holder, Paper and Nails (27).