Wednesday, March 3, 2021

All the Blind, What Are They Looking For In the Sky?

It may be slightly sad that I can remember where some of my "finds" come from but on this particular occasion I decided to use an old, worn out and very dirty window I had rescued from a great barn sale I went to.

While it might have been cool to figure our a project which utilized the dirty and grime, I decided that I would clean up the window and use it as a substrate for a collage. 

Now it comes time to audition the collage.

While this initial layout is good, you will notice that over the process it keeps changing in the fine details.

The first step on the window was to lay down a coat of black gesso to be the background. Then I did some painting to get the night sky effect I thought I needed.

At some point you have to commit to the idea so now it was time lay out the collage for gluing. 

But like with most of the collages that I do, I can never seem to get it glued down the way I planned or, perhaps more helpful, I make changes in the structure as I glue. Either way, the collage changed and here it is in its final configuration. 

At the last minute, I decided to add some objects to the collage. At this point while making the collage I came across a video of the band Heilung with lead singer singer Marie Franz. I decided to imitate her makeup. 

Thus we have, All the Blind, What Are They Looking For In the Sky? The title for this piece came from a Charles Baudelaire poem called The Blind which I modified from the original line, "All these blind men, what are they looking for in the sky?"