Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bryce, Zion and Vegas, Baby! Day 8 & 9 &10

Today was Day 8 of our trip and we began the day by driving one more time up Hwy 9 in Zion.  It was cold this morning and to our surprise we saw vehicles coming down from Bryce with significant snow on their roofs.  

Then it was on to Vegas, Baby!  We stopped in St. George, Utah, to mail a box of goodies home and then finished our trip to the Las Vegas airport to turn in the rental.  

We cabbed it to the Mirage, our home for the next two nights.

Once we got settled into our room, we decided to go out and find a half price ticket booth and see what we could see that night.  


Irony--but wait for it.

Ultimately, we decide to eat Japanese at Masa in the Aria Hotel.

Then it was time to take in the Cirque de Soleil show, Viva Elvis!  

Denice and I found ourselves watching the videos of Elvis (which were great) as much as the show (which was more dance and less gymnastics and tricks than most Cirque shows).  However, we had a good time and we were glad we made the decision to go.  

We spent all of Day 9 wandering the strip in Vegas, going in and out of various resorts.

Irony, part 2--next day, same spot on sidewalk, same truck in traffic in front of same building.  Whoooooooooooooooo!

That night we capped off our spring vacation with a second Cirque du Soleil show, Love featuring the music of the Beatles.  Done in the round like most Cirque shows, this one was the same as the Elvis show:  more dance and less circus gymnastics than their touring shows.  But, this is still excellent entertainment and we enjoyed the whole experience very much.

The last day of our trip, Day 10 or April 14th, was spent on an airplane heading home with all the memories from Bryce, Zion and Vegas, Baby!

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