Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Graceland Tour of the South: Day 1 & 2--Over the Rainbow

Denice and I have two weeks of vacation this summer so we decided to accomplish a number of things.
We left our house on Sunday, July 21, to meet my Mommy and sister Barb at the Shawano (WI) Flea Market.  Believe it or not, this is my relatives' idea, not mine.  However,  I couldn't be happier. 
Here is my haul from the flea market:
Rusty stuff
            Tools (4)
            Cow injector
            Metal smalls (2)
            Metal shrines (2)
            Salad mould
Board with rusty clock parts
Drawer pulls (9)
Window pulls (2)
Door plate
Wood handles with rings (2)
Barn nails (one coffee can full of various sized nails)
Wood box for drills (3” x 18”)
Cabinet cards (5)
Wood stamp from India
Patterns (15)
Chandelier, metal
Locomotive, tin hand made from found objects
Wood casters (2)
Bags of smalls including keys and lure tags (5)


Artificial leg (full size human leg--impressive, don't you think)

Total Cha-Ching:  $81 American. 

That night we took my Mommy out to dinner for her 87th Birthday to Renee's Restaurant across from Popp's Resort.  Ah, the Great North of Wisconsin. 
Monday, the 22nd of July, we decided to do some tourist things in the greater Crivitz area.  Our first stop was Garry's Land of Oz Museum in Wausaukee. 
Garry has been collecting Wizard of Oz memorabilia for twenty-two years.  He rents the local legion hall and has filled two floors of it with his collection. 

He has it organized by subject like a Halloween and Christmas room, a school room or alternative movie versions. 

All of it is displayed with loving care and is amazingly curated with finesse and care.  No admission, just a donation.  It was a pleasure to meet someone so dedicated to their hobby.

Then the family headed over to Oconto to tour the George Beyer House and Museum.  Beyer was a banker who bought this house in 1881, remodeled it, and lived in it for many years.  In 1920, he died.  His wife lived there for twenty more years and then had to give up the house because of back taxes.  Isn't that a sad story?

That night we ate dinner at the Mohawk Resort near my Mommy's house.  It was there that Denice discovered with enough coin, you can get all you need Up North in Wisconsin.

To view all the photos from this trip visit:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/gniebuhr/sets/72157649764414692

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