Sunday, June 11, 2017

Opening Night for Connections Art Exhibition, Re:Vision Gallery, Kenosha, WI, June, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017, was the opening reception for the show I curated at Re:Vision Gallery in Kenosha, WI.

The definition of assemblage could be synthesized down to the ability to connect two or more disparate objects into a work of art.  In the process of learning the keys of assemblage, curator Gary Warren Niebuhr has made connections to many artists.  This show will bring works by these artists together as assemblage has brought them together as friends.

To see all the art in the gallery, visit this blog post at Connections.

We estimate about 100 visitors came through the gallery over the three hours.  I want to thank Marjorie Meyer, owner of the gallery, all the artists, and all the guests who came.  A big thank you to Carolyn Brady and Emma McCoy for the photography.

This night would have never happened if it were not for 
Katherine Engen and Valley Ridge Art Studio. (Emma McCoy)

Gail Willert (left) (Carolyn Brady)

Tom Goodman (left) (Carolyn Brady)

Cris Smith, Emma McCoy, Tori Tasch in background (Carolyn Brady)

(Carolyn Brady)

(Carolyn Brady)

(Carolyn Brady)

Cris Smith (Emma McCoy)

Tom Goodman (Emma McCoy)

Katherine Engen and Tom Goodman (Emma McCoy)

Tom and I admiring Lynn Ovenden's work  (Emma McCoy)

Bill Weber and Katherine Engen (Emma McCoy)

(Emma McCoy)

(Emma McCoy)

Bill and Katherine (Emma McCoy)

Katherine, Tom, Denice Niebuhr, GWN, Cris and Tori (where was Gail?) (Emma McCoy)

My favorite photo of the night (Emma McCoy)

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